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Tutorial how to solve the Gimmick cubes

2-layers-gimmick-puzzleThe Gimmick cubes are one of the easiest cubes to solve in my opinion. It does only require two very simple algorithms to switch adjacent corners and flip adjacent edges.

The cubes can be bought from hknowstore for a low price if you don’t have them. It took me 5 minutes to figure out the algorithms needed, that’s how easy the are. It’s no challenge to solve but a nice to have puzzle in your collection.


  1. Define the top and bottom sides of the puzzle as either of the large triangular faces
  2. Define the right, left and back corners by facing a flat side surface towards you
  3. Solve the bottom face. This is easily done intuitively
  4. Orient the side surfaces of the upper and lower center faces with U or U’
  5. To permute a corner from right to left perform the following algorithm:
    U’ R2 U R2 U’ R2 U
If solving the three layer cube continue the following steps3-layers-gimmick-puzzle
  1. Orient the side surfaces of the upper, middle and lower center faces with U/U’ or D/D’
  2. orient middle layer edges with the following algorithm:
    Uw U’ L2 U’w U L2 (Uw is turning the upper and middle layer simulaniously like for big cubes)
Hope you manage to solve them using this tutorial. Otherwise let me now and I try my best to help

I received the 4x4x6 today

I got the 4x4x6 and the Starminx 2 today.
Will be fun to solve the 4x4x6.
Need some stickering on the Starminx and I have no clue how to solve it yet.

The quality of the 4x4x6 is very good and I highly recommend it. Turning is smooth even of the outer layers. It cuts corners good, but that is not applicable on a non speed cube I think. But for all other that is wondering, it corner cuts. Turning is smooth also when completely shape shifted.

The Starminx 2 feels very unstable and like it will pop every other second. However it turns very smooth

TomZ / Calvinpuzzles 4x4x6 soon to public

Release early april according to

4x4x6 Update

Dan Fast, aka CrazyBadCuber reports on his Twitter that Calvin Fan from HKNowStore sent him this picture this morning of a final warped up fully functional 4x4x6 that is to be mass produced. Expect it to be released in 2-3 months from now.

Fully Functional 4X4X6 Being Mass Produced

Calvin, the owner of HKnowStore is going to mass produce a fully functional 4x4x6 cube that Tom Z has designed. This cube will not be available for a couple of months yet but

Purchased some new cubes this weekend

Haven’t purchased some cubes for the last 2 years or so so I thought I should browse around little for some new. I was totally blown away of how many new cube that have been released during this period and also the number of cube stores that had popped out. Last time I ordered there where only like 3 or 4 stores that I knew of, now I found 15+ stores. Really fun. The prices didn’t seem to vary that much between them so I went for where I previously ordered many times before. They are both reliable and fast and the shipping is free. The second order I placed was at which seems like a credible cube store. They has also free shipping and a large range of different cubes. I will let you know when the cubes arrive from both Mefferts and HKNowStore.


Gear Pyraminx Black

The Dino Cube by Mf8 and SmaZ Black

WitEden Super 3x3x7:01 Magic Cube Black

WitEden Super 3x3x8ⅡMagic Cube Black

Venus Pillow Black designed by: Evgeniy

Gear Shift Black

Curvy Copter designed by Tom van der Zanden Black

New Pyraminx designed by Adam G. Cowan and Timur Evbatyrov black

The Feliks Pillow designed by Adam G. Cowan black

3x3x6 Tower Black

Bermuda Special&House 4 By DaYan Black

Full Function 3x3x9 RoadBlock Cube II Black Body

Full Function 3x3x7 II Cube Black Body

Full Function 3x3x9 II Cube Black Body

Full Function 3x3x9 I Cube Black Body

New Helicopter Dodecahedron by Mf8

Crazy Tetrahedron Plus in 4 Solid Colors Earth

Dino-Dodecahedron by Mf8 Black

Bermuda Cubes Earth by DaYan Black



DaYan Gem III Cube Black Body

DaYan Gem IV Cube Black Body

CT 4x4x4 AI Bandage Black Body Cube

CT 5x5x5 Burr Cube Black Body Cube

CT 4x4x4 B443A Bandage Black Body Cube

CT 3x3x3 3-Slices Black Body

CT 3x3x3 Big Block Black Body

Super Square Star Black Body

Super Square Column Black Body

Super Square Triangle Black Body

2-Layers Gimmick Black Body Puzzle

3-Layers Pillow Gimmick Black Body Puzzle

Master Skewb Puzzle Black Body

Tuttminx Black Body

Dayan LingYun II Black Body DIY Kit

Dayan GuHong Black Body DIY Kit

Dayan ZhanChi Black Body DIY

Dayan LunHui Black Body DIY

DINO Cube Black Body

Official Latch Cube from Japan in Display Box

3x3x3 Standard PVC Stickers Set