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Felix new OH WR 6.88

Here we see Feliks Zemdegs setting a new world record by completing a 3×3 Rubik’s cube with just one hand in a mind-blowing 6.88 seconds.

Day 5: Location of pair insertions by Feliks Zemdegs

10 tricks in 10 days series 2: Day 1 – Some more easy ZBLLs by Feliks Zemdegs

Rubik’s cube world record fail (5.33 DNF) by Feliks Zemdegs

[Guest Sunday] Thirteen Cubers, One Scramble by Cubing World

13 fast 3×3 solvers do example solves on the same scramble. Every CFOP solver solves the cross on D.

Day 10 – The 3 move OLL by Feliks Zemdegs

This video shows a way you can solve an OLL case in 3 moves (Yes, there is cheating involved)
Remember to note that this trick only applies for this exact case.

5×5 Rubik’s cube world record average: 55.33 seconds

Feliks Zemdegs
Melbourne cube day 2013

Rubik’s cube one handed world record – 9.05 seconds

Feliks Zemdegs
Melbourne cube day 2013, November 16

4×4 Rubik’s cube world record: 25.34 seconds

Feliks Zemdegs did it again on June 8, 2013, Shepparton Winter Open, a new world record!!! Simply amazing turning speed and look ahead, solving a 4×4 in 25 seconds just blows my mind away

Feliks Zemdegs 2-4 relay in 41 seconds

Feliks is practicing some relays and showing of his skills!