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    5×5 Rubik’s cube world record average: 55.33 seconds

    Feliks Zemdegs
    Melbourne cube day 2013

    Rubik’s cube one handed world record – 9.05 seconds

    Feliks Zemdegs
    Melbourne cube day 2013, November 16

    4×4 Rubik’s cube world record: 25.34 seconds

    Feliks Zemdegs did it again on June 8, 2013, Shepparton Winter Open, a new world record!!! Simply amazing turning speed and look ahead, solving a 4×4 in 25 seconds just blows my mind away

    Feliks Zemdegs 2-4 relay in 41 seconds

    Feliks is practicing some relays and showing of his skills!

    5×5 example solves (by Feliks Zemdegs)

    3×3 7.53 WR avg

    Feliks did it again, new world record for the 3×3. FAST!

    4×4 WR single

    Another WR for Feliks. 26 seconds for the 4×4 is FAST!

    5×5 WR avg & single

    Another WR broken by Feliks

    4x4x4 avg5 World Record

    Feliks Zemdegs @ Melbourne Summer 2012 avg5 34.82 sec

    World Record Weekend 25/2-2012

    Marcell Endrey set a new world record for solving the Rubik’s 3x3x3 blindfolded of 28.8 seconds at Zonhoven Open 2012. That’s 2 seconds faster than Yuhui Xu (30.58 sec) ranked second. I wrote a post about Marcell a couple of months ago here. He solved 19/19 cubes blindfolded at the World Championship 2011 in Thailand in 53 minutes and got a WR for that, however Zane Carney has beaten that with 23/25 cubes at the Melbourne Cube Day 2011 since then.

    Feliks Zemdegs set a new world record average of 5 on the 5x5x5 of 57.94 seconds at Melbourne Summer 2012. That’s 1 second faster than Dan Cohen (57.44 sec) ranked second.

    Individual times: 57.11   1:06.05   56.65   56.72   1:00.00

    Now he currently holds the records for:

    3x3x3 Single 5.66 sec
    3x3x3 Average 7.64 sec
    4x4x4 Average 34.82 sec
    5x5x5 Single 56.22 sec
    5x5x5 Average 57.94 sec
    2x2x2 Average 2.12 sec