Advanced F2L

The art of F2L

Solving the first two layers (F2L) is a true art form. It takes alot of practice to get really good at it. Once you master F2L in 8-10 seconds you are one of the top cubers around (guaranteed)

The following pages helps you to learn all the shortcuts you need to become an F2L master. Every move you can save during the F2L is worth much in the end.

I present four ways of getting faster.

1. Make use of empty slots.

When you are solving the 1st, 2nd or 3rd F2L pair you have alot of freedom when moving pieces around. Of course, this freedom narrows down the more pairs you are solving. But making use of empty slots you can save alot of moves.

2. Pieces stuck in another slot

How often do you have to pick up an edge or a corner from another slot just to bring them to your target slot and then apply your usual F2L moves? This is a waste of time. What if you could just make use of the wrong slot to place the pieces in the target slot? That is what this section is all about.

3. Multislotting

While you pair up and insert one pair, you also setup the next pair for easy insertion.

4. Mis-aligned pairs

No info yet

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  1. Davood Darabi

    please put all methods with colourful picture. and if you can every formoula that put under its picture. I,m iranian. and i can,t speak english very well. i,m sorry for writing wrongs. and thanks for this good site

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