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4×4 Official World Record Single 24.67 by Sebastian Weyer

Done at Duisburg Open 2014

5×5 Rubik’s cube world record average: 55.33 seconds

Feliks Zemdegs
Melbourne cube day 2013

Rubik’s cube one handed world record – 9.05 seconds

Feliks Zemdegs
Melbourne cube day 2013, November 16

Help Create A Gigantic Rubik’s Cube That Will Travel the Globe!

Liberty Science Center needs your help building “Groovik’s Cube” – an enormous, glowing, working Rubik’s Cube that is visible and controllable from anywhere.

About Groovik’s Cube

In spring 2014, on the 40th anniversary of the invention of Rubik’s Cube, Liberty Science Center will premiere a major interactive exhibition celebrating the world’s most popular puzzle and the many cool things the Cube has inspired in robotics, engineering, mathematics, design, art, and film. CalledBeyond Rubik’s Cube, the exhibition will tour the world for seven years, visiting science museums and cultural institutions on three continents.

The original Groovik’s Cube was built for the Burning Man art festival in 2009 by a team of artists led by Barry Brumitt and Mike Tyka, but it is not sturdy enough to travel extensively; that original Cube will be indoors at LSC. With your help, we’ll construct a new and improved next-gen Groovik’s Cube as the centerpiece of the traveling exhibition. It will be displayed outdoors at LSC for nine months before it begins its world tour, and may soon be in a city near you!

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5.55 seconds World Record – Mats Valk

Scramble: D2 U` R2 U F2 D2 U` R2 U` B` L2 R` B` D2 U B2 L` D` R2

x y`F R D L F
U R U` R` U y` R` U R
y U2 R` U` R
y2 U R U` R` y U R U` R`
y` U` R U R` U R U` R`
R2 U` R` U` R U R U R U` R U2

Official results are not available yet, but i believe that the competition is from Zonhoven Open 2013. Congratulations Mats. Before this solve he had the 6th fastest single solve and the 2nd fastest average. Feliks Zemdegs almost 1.5 year old record for single solve is then broken.


World Rubik’s Cube Championships 2013

Date Jul 26-28, 2013
City Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Venue Las Vegas Convention Center
Address 3150 Paradise Rd
Details Exhibit Hall N1
Website TBD
Organiser US Nationals Organizational Team
WCA Delegate Tyson Mao, Ron van Bruchem

Marcell Endrey 3BLD 27.65 WR at the Zune Open 2012

World Record Weekend 25/2-2012

Marcell Endrey set a new world record for solving the Rubik’s 3x3x3 blindfolded of 28.8 seconds at Zonhoven Open 2012. That’s 2 seconds faster than Yuhui Xu (30.58 sec) ranked second. I wrote a post about Marcell a couple of months ago here. He solved 19/19 cubes blindfolded at the World Championship 2011 in Thailand in 53 minutes and got a WR for that, however Zane Carney has beaten that with 23/25 cubes at the Melbourne Cube Day 2011 since then.

Feliks Zemdegs set a new world record average of 5 on the 5x5x5 of 57.94 seconds at Melbourne Summer 2012. That’s 1 second faster than Dan Cohen (57.44 sec) ranked second.

Individual times: 57.11   1:06.05   56.65   56.72   1:00.00

Now he currently holds the records for:

3x3x3 Single 5.66 sec
3x3x3 Average 7.64 sec
4x4x4 Average 34.82 sec
5x5x5 Single 56.22 sec
5x5x5 Average 57.94 sec
2x2x2 Average 2.12 sec

World record weekend

Two new world records have been beaten this weekend 17/12-2011.

First one is Mats Valk set in the Dutch Nationals Netherlands Zaandam for the 4x4x4 single time of 30.02 seconds. The former record was held by Feliks Zemdegs with a time of 30.28 seconds set in Australian Nationals 2011

Second is Michał Pleskowicz set in Kociewie Open 2011 in Poland, Starogard Gdanski for 3x3x one-handed single of 9.53 seconds. The former record was held by Piotr Tomczyk with a time of 10.68 seconds set in Swierklany Open 2011

2×2 single world record finally broken

The single world record time for 2×2 has been 0.96 seconds since Erik Akkersdijk did it in Geneva Open 2008. Since then two other cubers have accomplished the exact same time Rowe Hessler in US Nationals 2010 and Vincent Sheu at Berkeley Winter 2011. But now Christian Kaserer beat that long lasting record with a single time of 0.69 seconds at Trentin Open 2011.

The solution was: U’ F’ R’ U